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Job Posting on Indeed in 20234 min read

May 24, 2019 3 min read


Job Posting on Indeed in 20234 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Indeed is one of the largest job platforms in the world and employers are able to post jobs directly on Indeed for free. Candidates can access jobs posted on Indeed from both desktop computers and mobile devices. To post a job on Indeed, follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Sign Up to Indeed

If you don’t have an account with Indeed yet, this is the time for it. Access Indeed and sign up for a free account.

Indeed Job Posting
Create an Indeed account

Step 2 – Confirm your email

Indeed will send you a confirmation email so that you can verify your account. Simply click the button and you will be able to create your job post.

Indeed Verify Account
Verify your Indeed account

Step 3 – Start Creating your Job Post

Start creating your job post by adding the job title and more details about the role, such as location and salary.

Indeed Post Job
Start creating your job post
Indeed Job Details
Define your job type and salary range

Step 4 – Add a Job Description

The next step is to add a job description to your open role. You can find some examples in Atomic Hire Job Descriptions Library.

Indeed Job Description
Add a job description

Step 5 – Define your Application Settings

Indeed gives you some application options like whether to receive applications via email or in-person and the possibility to set a different email to receive the applications than your account email. You can also set the CV submission mandatory or optional.

Indeed Application Settings
Define application settings

Step 6 – Add Candidate Qualification Requirements

When posting a job on Indeed, you are able to define minimum requirements in terms of years of experience or desired qualifications to help you find the best person for the job. This step is not mandatory but can be very helpful for companies that receive a large number o applications for quick screening candidates.

Indeed Screening Questions

Step 7 – Send Pre-Employment Assessments

Indeed offers pre-employment assessments to help you identify the best candidates among your applicants. They offer a range of assessments varying from aptitude, skills and personality tests.

Learn more about Atomic Hire General Cognitive Ability Assessment.

Indeed Assessments
Send pre-employment assessments

Step 8 – Preview your Job Post

Before pushing your job post live, it is important to preview it to identify any potential issues like misspellings and incorrect information. Indeed provides a quick preview of your final job post, so make sure you review it before publishing.

Indeed Job Preview

Step 9 – Promote your Job Post

You can simply publish your job post for free by clicking the bottom left link “Post job without sponsoring”, but to increase the visibility of your open position, you might consider sponsoring your ad, especially if you hiring high-demand jobs like software developers.

Indeed Sponsor Jobs
Optionally sponsor your job for more visibility
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